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French Maoists - Overview of the various Electoral forces in French Elections

The PS program moves the perspective to distribute some crumbs to angry workers who are tired of the sacrifices imposed ostensibly to stem the crisis.

How to deal with the crisis of capitalism without dying away with the system and build a society in which workers develop an economy, a production to meet everyone's needs (health, education, education, culture, environmental protection, etc.. )?

Opponents in the PS have pledged allegiance so "democratic" to the candidate who won the votes because everyone wanted a place that in the government, parliament or in different instances. Their "beliefs" are buried.

The program of the Left Front, apparently, goes further. The measures seem more radical revolution but "citizen" does not aim to overthrow the system.

This is a program of reforms under capitalism, even if it says anti-capitalist program. 

In addition, as part of a presidential election, the Left Front will have no choice but to call to vote for the PS candidate, if it is present in the second round.

This includes the Front electoral disappointed Socialist Party and the remnants of the old PC, weakened both organizationally and intellectually by his line of suicidal rejection of all Marxist principles that had helped to build socialism in the USSR and China and to establish a socialist camp we lack today (before the restoration of capitalism in the late 50s and in the USSR in the late 70's in China).

Other forces are in the front left, as managers of the SAF, anti-liberals from the LCR and the NPA or the PCOF, the party claiming to be the party of the proletariat, which has turned to dross his program Established in 1979.

The LO and NPA-Trotskyists who come-and-POI that have a speech-"revolutionary" but have no strategy for seizing power and eventually go with the flow. They maintain the illusion Parliamentary and ultimately only have to align with the candidate best placed "to beat the right", ranking behind the PS.

This principle of electioneering does not allow the emergence of an autonomous revolutionary force.

Environmentalists argue that we can enforce environmental by reason alone, as was already thinking about his time Jean-Jacques Rousseau. They too come back, they are the social contract, surpassed by history.

In reality, the ecology is incompatible with capitalism, which immediately finds the maximum benefit without the rest. 

Ultimately, they have agreements election for seats in parliament.They are part of the reformist camp and will have no other recourse but to align with the PS.

On the right, the UMP will continue the program of "reforms" initiated by Sarkozy, the President designated by the financial capital to force the restructuring of the system faced the working class, the proletariat, the masses and a large proportion of middle classes. 

This restructuring plan is part of the restructuring of capitalism to prolong the agony as long as possible. Some of the other candidates withdrew their candidacy right after the announcement of the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy.If others do not in the first round, they will call to vote for him at second.

Part of the ruling class that realizes the danger of social upheaval but that is against the reformist left, seeking a middle ground in the center of the political spectrum: the MODEM. Its reform program is a vast smoke screen that does not offer more solutions than programs right or left.

Finally, the most reactionary of the electoral spectrum is the National Front, which uses arguments to divide the working class and the masses such as the nationalist withdrawal, exclusion of immigrants as scapegoats and a program completely opposed to protectionist policy of finance capital which they are actually the most radical representatives.

By the division and the appointment of a scapegoat while maintaining an illusion anticapitalist, the FN hopes to recover the revolt that rumbles within the working class and the masses and divert it from its historical path: step by step construction of a system without oppression and exploitation. 

The only solution is the FN back in preserving the heart of capitalism: private ownership of means of production research for the maximum rate of profit.

Other right-wing forces are marginal and more or less reactionary.

What position for revolutionaries face in elections?

History teaches us that in times of crisis, the most brutal dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is necessary to safeguard its interests.

In today's conditions where leftist parties are Reformers, the bourgeoisie has not yet need the most brutal forms of domination. She no longer in front of her the USSR before the war was a threat to it, as was the hope of the world's workers at the time headed by powerful communist parties that had strategic goal of revolution.

The ruling class is engaged in a process of building a fascist police state that reduces gradually all the rights and freedoms of labor and popular movement acquired blood money. 

This process, facilitated by the class collaboration of the main leaders of major unions and parties called "left" is the modern fascism.

The various parties are for the conservation of the system and repeat the tunes against the unemployed need, lack of jobs, to training they receive assistance, and put to work by creating part-time contracts, youth employment, early retirement or prolonged, short everything possible to not tackle the heart of the problem, capital, and that also allows employers to exempt from charges, which obliterates the possibility to reduce debt Sovereign, the worst increases.

The electioneering allow the bourgeoisie to gain time, to calm the anger rumbling, to contain the danger of social explosion.

The system is cracking everywhere. The revolt in Greece can reach Italy and other  European countries. It can have a "domino effect" and blow up the system, winner of the revolt gradually all countries. While we're not there yet, all parties go up to the plate to stop, halt the revolt, the drift to what is acceptable to the bourgeoisie.

To earn more profits, the bourgeoisie has in fact declared war on the proletariat.She tries to destroy him by cunning and deceit, as it can to mend the system that goes in rags. But the more they rapiècent, the rag was more likely to leave in tatters.

Should be discarded in the trash that rag, this system. But it will fall on its own. We must organize, rebuild our instruments of class, party, rebuild the union and the class organization that can take them down from their pedestals.

Whatever the election results, financial capital, capital that dominates the entire sphere of production in the imperialist epoch, will not yield power voluntarily. The proletariat will conquer the upper hand, by a people's war, a war of class time.There is no other way out of the general crisis of capitalism rotting.

You who remained communist in your heart despite all liquidations, you hope that a better world where workers are masters of their destiny:

Form with your classmates in every factory, every business, committees struggle involving unionized and in unity with our combative class needs!

Form popular committees in your neighborhood, share them with your friends, your friends!

This is not a place that offers you the Maoist Communist Party of France, it's a battle station with your brothers and sisters of class!

Get in touch with us, join the PCMF!

You who are revolutionary, progressive, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, get in touch with us!

Become the Front Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist / Anti Fascist

Everywhere, building the Party, 

The Front and the Force to end the system!

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-------The Red Flag,Organ of the Communist Party of Maoist France

This translation is by Democracy and Class Struggle and any mistakes are ours not those of PCMF.

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