Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The UK buries news of social unrest in Greece

The protests started in Syntagma square on Wednesday the 25th May, with a few smaller gatherings previously outside the Spanish embassy.

The UK news has decided to bury possibly the most important events in recent Greek history and uprisings.  Impressed at marble throwing hooded youths which featured repeatedly on front pages during the last 2 years in the uk press, tainting Greece as a rebel training ground and lawless, corrupt country (which some are actually proud of), the UK and its media has now felt a lot more threatened by the situation in Greece today, thus decided to NOT REPORT, as those who now take to the streets are not easily isolated and identified as a minority, but now that it is the masses.

Greece has successfully had a copycat gathering of Puerta del Sol and Piazza Cataluna and set up camps in the main squares of the country since the 25th of May, culminating in Sunday's gathering of more than 200 000 to what some claim to be 500000 people (proportionally that would mean more than a million people in Parliament Square / Trafalgar …) to participate in the largest demonstrations since the military dictatorship and to run a public meeting to discuss days of action against the government’s new austerity measures.

The camps have a life of their own, open working groups, a collective kitchen, media centre and people are there all day and all night. Public open meetings of the working groups are held every evening at 6-7 pm and the people's assembly lasts from 9 till midnight, with about 3-4000 people SIT DOWN and participate every day for 14 days now, with thousands more hanging around or shouting abuse at the parliament itself. The camp’s organisation is a work in progress and a trial of direct democratic procedures, in an effort to genuinely organise and create an example of what one thinks is most just.  Its form and synthesis is totally unprecedented.

The people’s assemblies have made a series of votes, through simple majority when obvious, to be discussed the next day if ambiguous, the first of which is:

For a long time decisions have been made for us, without us.

We are workers, unemployed, retirees, youth, who have come to Syntagma Square to fight and struggle for our lives and our future.

We are here because we know that the solutions to our problems can come only from us.

We call all residents of Athens , workers, unemployed and youth, to come to Syntagma Square , and all of society to fill the public squares and to take life into its own hands.

In these public squares we will shape our claims and our demands together.

We call on all workers who are going on strike in the coming days to show up and remain in Syntagma Square .

We will not leave the squares until those who compelled us to come here go away:  Governments, Troika (EU, ECB and IMF), Banks, IMF Memoranda, and everyone that exploits us.  We send them the message that the debt is not ours.



The only struggle that is lost is the one that is never fought!

People are infuriated and it shows by the fact that the squares are full of thousands of people every day after 6pm till the early hours in the morning, for 2 weeks now. It has brought the young, the old, families, and people and activists throughout the political spectrum, to all shut the tv and get out in the streets in a process of creating a new unmediated political sphere.    

The UK media has stunned me at its censoring of this, especially when a single petrol bomb last year was enough to ignite pages and pages of interest.

There is a lot more to write about the situation and I will try to write something more substantial at some point, hopefully before we are fully privatised and run by German and French banks with an IMF official in every ministry.

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Get it going in London ,


P.S. Extra info and the people's assembly's resolution you can find at http://www.real-democracy.gr/

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Anonymous said...

UK citizens are cowards. They are happy sitting in front of their soaps, driving their new cars or worried about their house prices. To vent their frustrations they sit on a forum and moan and groan. I am ashamed to be a UK resident.