Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 30th - Generalise the Day of Action

30th June 2011 may well turn out to be the most important step forward in a mass fight
against public sector cuts. Hundreds of thousands of workers could be involved
 in strike
action, from as many as four or five different unions including NUT, PCS, UCU
and ATL.

Often strike action can be ignored by those in power but also the vast majority
 of workers
not in unions or directly effected by the issues. Therefore we, rank & file
 union members
students, precarious workers & unemployed are calling for a mass show of
 solidarity for
those taking strike action and to generalise the strike on June 30th.

From early morning pickets, direct actions, occupations & demonstration whatever you're into
 - lets all do it on June 30th and amplify the resistance to
 austerity and this call for  action is  going out to activist direct action groups, local anti cuts groups,radical [political group
radical unions and student university occupations.

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Upcoming J30 Strike Assemblies across the country.

** Birmingham **

j30 Strike Assembly // 3pm 11th Saturday June
Meet Guild of Students Reception (University of Birmingham)
Come to the action planing meeting - bring ideas, friends, creativity :)

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** Leeds **

j30 Strike Assembly // 6pm 6th Monday June
Room 263, The Rosebowl, Leeds Met.
A call to all those in Leeds interested in resisting austerity cuts and beyond.

First meeting to discuss June 30th strikes.

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** London **

j30 Strike Assembly // 7pm 6th Monday June
7pm Monday June 6th ( Bloomsbury Venue TBC )

Following on from the call for an open assembly to discuss, propose and
organise for the first round of co-ordinated strike actions on June 30th, over
100 people turned up and squeezed into the Marchmont Centre in Bloomsbury on
Monday 23rd May. Come to the next mass assembly. Everyone invited.
Bring ideas for actions!
Read the report here:

Facebook Event:

There are also meetings being organised in Newcastle, Oxford & Surrey. Dates to
be announced.

If you want to link up with others in your area to help organise solidarity for
morning pickets on June 30th then email:

Follow @j30Strike on Twitter / Email:
/ Announcement e-list:

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