Friday, June 22, 2018

Wilkerson: Contradictions in US North Korean Peace Process

Democracy and Class Struggle has welcomed the US North Korean Summit - Colonel Wilkerson is a critic of Trump Korean policy but not against peace - we listen to him because he is  informed on question - and we are not an echo chamber.

The interview with Bolton in video adding chemical weapons and ballistic missile technology show he is actively trying to undermine nuclear agreement.

As we have said the struggle for Peace on the Korean has just began 

Bolton is a recidivist who has sabotaged past US Korean agreements and is burning the midnight oil to destroy this one. 

We take the view that if the two Korea's drive this peace process it will stay on the road of peace and progress but we are well aware that Bolton will be planting Improvised Explosive Devices on the road at regular intervals - hopefully he will be caught doing so - or even better he will blow himself up.

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