Sunday, June 24, 2018

Riskich discusses Collectivization with historian Boris Yulin

Democracy and Class Struggle sees the Land Question central to any ground up historical materialist analysis of history and no place illustrates this better than the Soviet Union,

Hopefully we are now passing the period of outsiders looking in history ( Anti Communist - Anti Soviet history) or the top down elite view of Russian History ( Putinist Russian Bourgeoisie) but the bottom up history - a history that still needs to be written - Proletarian history.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick Glais

What exactly is your problem with Trotsky?

nickglais said...

Trotskyism is left wing of social democracy and not revolutionary communism. In the UK its home is the reformist Labour Party but it has pretences to revolution which are fantasies and in reality counter revolutionary - Trotskyism is dying I just wish to speed up its long overdue burial.

So that the real revolutionary communism can be rebuilt called Marxism Leninism Maoism