Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Chartists and the Working Class by Paul Foot - Lessons !

The Working Class in the British Isles in 1838 and 1842 and 1848 and its lessons for today.

The 10 year agitation a lesson for Today- a failure of Leadership.

How do we craft People's War not merely insurrection ? Byron gives us a description.

Byron in his Don Juan Eighth Canto writes 

At first it grumbles, then it swears, and then,

    Like David, flings smooth pebbles 'gainst a giant;

At last it takes to weapons such as men

    Snatch when despair makes human hearts less pliant.

Then comes "the tug of war;" -- 't will come again,

    I rather doubt; and I would fain say "fie on 't,"

If I had not perceived that revolution

Alone can save the earth from hell's pollution


Before the Chartists and After the Chartists the History of the Scotch Cattle by Alan Jones

For a Far Sighted View of 20th Century Social Democracy listen to this speech of William Morris in 1888

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