Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Interview with Syria's President Bashar Assad with Press TV

Bashar Assad says Syria's relationship with Iran is not for sale in the bazaar and is strategic.

United States and Israel are sabotaging the peace process in Syria.

Terrorists in Syria coordinating with Israel to attack Syrian air Defences for Israeli Planes to attack Syria.

Bashar Assad says Russia's relationship with Syria is also strategic.

The Tripartite Alliance is also strategic and is not for sale in the bazaar says Bashar Assad.

Bashar Assad praises Palestinian Resistance.

Bashar Assad praises Iraqi's who have come to fight to defend Syria.

Hezbollah makes for a Syrian Quadruple Resistance.

Democracy and Class Struggle welcome the opening of dialogue between the Syrian Government and Kurdish dominated Syrian Democratic Forces - there are many that do not want dialogue with Syrian Government - we are not among them.

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