Saturday, June 23, 2018

Interview with Grover Furr- Anti Communist Academia

Democracy and Class Struggle says  the comment about Maoists in this interview by Grover Furr reflects the fact of the hostility of US "Maoists" to the work of Grover Furr.

Most European and Asian Maoists take a more positive view of Grover Furr's work on the Soviet Union during the Stalin period

Democracy and Class Struggle see Mao Zedong as rectifying in theory and practice some of the earlier mistakes in the pioneer period of Soviet Communism investigated by Grover Furr.

Grover Furr has presented his research to our Norwegian Maoist Comrades at Tjen Folket and it was well received.

His pioneering historical research work has also been strongly welcomed by Democracy and Class Struggle.


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