Thursday, June 21, 2018

Songs in Memory of the 19th June 1986 and 250 comrades killed in Peruvian Prisons

In the 19th  of June 1986 the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war rose up in rebellion in the three Lima prisons: Lurigancho, El Frontón and Callao.

They gave in an enormous display of revolutionary heroism, where over 250 of them gave their lives to defeat the genocidal plans of the old Peruvian state and its imperialist masters. These comrades, as all the sons and daughters of the people, lives on in the struggle of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world.

Himno de la Izquierda Unida (Anthem of the United Left)
La Internacional (The Internationale)
Himno a la Camarada Norah (Hymn of Comrade Norah) Al Presidente Gonzalo (To President Gonzalo) Salvo el Poder (Except for Power) El Partido (The Party) El Guerrillero (The Guerrilla Fighter) Los Rojos Guerreros (The Red Warriors) Canto de Batalla (Battle Song) Soldados Rojos (Red Soldiers) Canto al Nuevo Poder (Chant of New Power) Por el Gran Camino (On the High Road) Brilla, Brilla el Nuevo Poder (Twinkle Twinkle, the New Power) Bandera Roja (Red Flag) Canto de Mar Armado (Chant of the Armed Sea) Marcha Triunfal (Triumphant March) A las Masas (To the Masses) Labor de Titanes (Labour of Titans) Torrente Rojo (Red Torrent) Sembrando el Fuego (Sowing Fire) Rumbo al Comunismo (Towards Communism) Gloria a los Heroes (Glory to the Heroes) Por el Este Nace el Sol (For this the Sun Rises)

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