Monday, June 25, 2018

History through Music: Soviet Music

Anthem of Soviet Union: Let's Go!: Kalinka: Katyusha: There March the Soldiers: The Sacred War: The Red Army is the Strongest: The Cossacks: The Cossack Song: The Cliff: Smugljanka Korobeiniki: The Partisans Song: March of the Motherland: The Hunt for Red October: Farewell of Slavianka:

The Cultural History of the Soviet Union expressed in its music and architecture shows the far reaches of its socialist culture.

Narrow political subjectivity cannot see the Ocean of Culture just the political figureheads representing that culture,

White army, black baron (1920) Budionny's march (1920) Through valleys and over hills (1922) Soar by bonfires, blue nights (1922) Air Force march (1923) Over there behind the river (1924) Oh field, my field (1934) Leonid Utyosov - The song helps us to build and to live (movie Jolly Fellows 1934) Leonid Utyosov - Heart, you have no rest (movie Jolly Fellows 1934) Song about Schors (1935) Sing us a song, funny wind (movie Children of Captain Grant 1936) Music from the movie Children of Captain Grant 1936) Liubov Orlova - Wide is my Motherland (movie Circus 1936) Cavalry song (1936) Tachanka (1937) Morning colors gentle light (1937) Unsuccesful meeting (1937) [soviet foxtrot] Mark Bernes - Beloved city (movie Fighter planes 1939) Soviet tankmen's march (movie Tractor-drivers 1939) Three tankmen (1939) Leonid Utyosov - The sea lies widely (1940) Liubov Orlova - March of the enthusiasts (movie Bright way 1940) We met in Moscow (movie A Pig-tender and a Shepherd 1941) All around became blue and green (movie Four Hearts 1941)

The capitalist State subordinates everything in true totalitarian style - socialism elevates
the working people even to the extreme point of idolising them

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