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The CUP sends a letter to Puigdemont in which it demands, without further delay, the proclamation of the Republic of Catalonia

Democracy and Class Struggle hails the Catalan Republic in formation.

The CUP sends a letter to Puigdemont in which it demands, without further delay, the proclamation of the Republic of Catalonia

With its usual political coherence, La CUP has asked Pigdemont, by sending a letter, to proclaim without further delay the Catalan Republic.

The anti-capitalist formation said that last October 10 "missed a great opportunity", and defends that, in the face of the impossibility of finding international support, it should be taken into account the more than two million people who voted in the referendum of 1 of October.

"Those who defended their schools against the violence that displayed military and police occupation and those who were beaten, injured, humiliated and frightened by the National Police and the Civil Guard," says the CUP, "are already Republic." 

That is why its militants ask the President to respond to the call of Rajoy with the unequivocal will of the Catalans and Catalans.

In his letter, CUP tells Puigdemont that "people are the only solid structure that this country has ... Our strength is the people, their needs and their hopes". It also reminds him of the advantages that the Republic supposes and which is the only guarantee that the Catalan people have to "stand as an actor willing to protect the civil and political rights of the population that are still seriously threatened."

They also tell him that "only through the proclamation of the Republic will we be able to respect what the majority expressed at the polls." And that "to endorse all the threats, contempt and repression" of the Government and suppose to return to the Spanish constitutional legality "with which the social majority has already broken."

"To remain unmoved by their threats, their denials and their authority, will not allow us to exist as a people, will not allow us to govern or advance in the pursuit of more rights and freedoms," they argue, adding that although a possible Catalan Republic does not have the support of other States and markets, yes that would count on the support of the people.

The Spanish Government is not willing to negotiate the start of a referendum agreed and the result is binding; has been saying it forever and, to this day, maintains its unmoved posture. He says that they will only sit down and speak in accordance with Spanish law, which is the same as saying no to the referendum.

As it is known, Puigdemónt declared the Republic of Catalonia but, soon, it suspended it in order to favor a dialogue with the Government. This has not happened and, apparently, will not happen.

From the first moment of this confused maneuver, the CUP disagreed with it, and also strongly criticized the change of script made at the last minute.

But a few days have passed and, among the independence movement, it is no longer just the anti-capitalist formation who asks the President to activate the Declaration signed by 72 deputies. Now also the Catalan National Assembly -AN-. The secretariat met yesterday and decided to urge the Parliament to lift the suspension of the Declaration of Independence. And he based his decision on "Spain's refusal to propose any dialogue". So they ask Puigdemont and the Government to implement "the Law of Legal and Fundamental Transiency of the Republic".

Òmnium asked Wednesday for Puigdemont a "reasonable" deadline for effective mediation and, if that does not succeed, "declare independence definitively"
For their part, ERC sectors are also pushing in the same direction. These argue that they have not come here to get off the train at the last minute, and they think that all the consequences must be assumed.

From this formation, Dolors Bassa, Minister of Labor, Social and Family Affairs, proposes that the Declaration of Independence signed by the 72 deputies be sent to Rajoy.

Following the same line, Gabriel Rufian wrote yesterday on Twitter: "The only thing I know is that we owe those who put their bodies and their hearts for this in the street. Until the end".

There is not much time to know the decision finally adopted Puigdemont; the term given by the Government of Rajoy concludes next Monday.

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