Saturday, October 7, 2017

Catalonia - CUP reaching limits of its patience - Independence Now !

The anti capitalist CUP - which has just ten parliamentarians but is crucial to the regional coalition - has made the limits of its patience clear. 

As last week passed with no declaration of independence, Eulalia Reguant, a CUP parliamentarian, called for proposals to seize territorial control of Catalonia, including its ports and airports.

“This parliament has made a lot of declarations that afterwards have come to nothing,” she told the website Nacio Digital.

While insisting independence is coming, the leadership of the Catalan government is seeking a negotiated approach.

We remind you what Maoist comrades of Galicia recently said

We are also fully aware that the political process of national liberation in Catalonia is being led by the same oppressive and corrupt bourgeoisie which, in other times, was part of the block of the oligarchy that endorsed the fascist Bourbon restoration imposed by Franco. 

That same bourgeoisie now faces the most recalcitrant sectors of the Spanish bourgeoisie in antagonistic contradiction. The same bourgeoisie, because of this, needs an alliance with the radical petty-bourgeoisie of ERC and worker class sectors of the CUP, of an assembly and anti-capitalist tendency, to achieve a new political space in the form of a Republic, taking into account the patriotic sentiment of the majority of the Catalan people.

We are also aware that the proletariat in the whole Spanish State and in oppressed nations, lacks strong revolutionary Communist parties, capable of leading the process. So, we are facing a stage in which the bourgeoisie and the democratic petty-bourgeoisie are hegemonic wings.

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