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Alberto Garzón throws himself into the arms of the fascist and centralist state - Article by Juan Manuel Olarieta

Democracy and Class Struggle says Alberto Garzón is a remnant of PCE Carrilloism with a group inside Podemos that masqarade as communists while defending the Spanish State.

Juan Manuel Olarieta is a lawyer for comrade Arenas of PCE[R] and comrade Pablo Hasel both victims of Spanish State.

We have the Imperialist economism and revisionism of Alberto Garzon or the revolutionary communism of Pablo Hasel and Arenas at beginning of 21st Century the real choice for comrades in Spain.

It only follows a tradition typical of the leaders of Izquierda Undida since its founding more than 30 years ago, starting with Gerardo Iglesias and with Anguita a star puppet.

They are the sequels of another tradition, the PCE, since the 1950s and, especially, their collaboration in the masking of fascism during the transition.

Despite decades of open and blatant betrayal, Alberto Garzón continues to be described as "communist" and pontificating in his last interview where you can read stupidities about the "rich and poor" and others of the caliber of "the" classes popular 'at times replace as the political subject the most classic' working class', something that fortunately or unfortunately only happens "at times," but other times not.

But above all Garzón does what he knows best: positioning himself in favor of the centralist and fascist state in the struggle of the people of Catalonia for their right to self-determination.

To this the Communist International called it "social fascism", which is the point of arrival in which reformism always ends.

Like all charlatans, Garzón confronts the working class with national rights, as if they were opposite things, to conclude that "the independence of Catalonia will not allow the popular classes to live better or emancipate themselves from capitalism," which is absolutely false.

What Garzon conceals is that Catalonia is a nation, so independence is one of so many democratic demands of the working class, the whole working class, including the Spanish working class, must not only support or sympathize, but must take charge and direct it , as any other just struggle directed against the State.

The whole effort of the social fascists, like Garzón and Izquierda Undida, is aimed precisely at preventing the working class from leading the struggle of Catalonia for its national demands, because it is precisely that, to leave it in the hands of the bourgeoisie, then accuse to the nationalist movement of "bourgeois", which for the "left" demagogues must be something like the plague.

Not only "the bourgeois" is always oblivious to "the worker" but must appear to be confronted in any circumstance. That is the short sketch that about the class struggle have in their head the types like Gazon.

Naturally, this shabby schema extends it to its notion of "internationalism" which, in the same mechanical way, considers it as opposed to "nationalism", a label distributed to a broad mass movement. In case those subjects have never traveled to Catalonia, they should see photos of the popular mobilizations that are everywhere, where the struggle has reached a scale typical of any national movement.

The social-fastidious geeks must learn that in such a broad national movement not only nationalists participate, but all of them. Or have they not yet digested that internationalism arises precisely to defend the national interests of peoples oppressed by colonialism and imperialism? What do they think was the Communist International?

Contrary to what Garzón says, the right to self-determination is not only demanded by "the richest parts". Or has it been believed that in Catalonia the "richer" parts add up to many millions of people.

Do the Social Fascists want us to believe that when Marx and Engels defended the slogan "Workers of the world, unite!" They referred to the forced union of workers of different nations within the same State ? That is all they have understood ?

In this respect, in the Marxist tradition there is no "everything" about the right of self-determination, as Garzón pretends to believe. In Catalonia the recent battle has drawn a line in the ground.

The one who does not defend self-determination is not only outside Marxism, but outside of democracy. 

Those against Catalonia are with fascism,  must be treated as such. 

There is no other label for him.

Via: Political Movement of Resistance

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