Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pablo Hasél ,,,, Not only in Catalonia (prod Nyto) No només a Catalunya

                              THE VOICE OF RESISTANCE


Anonymous said...

tailing petit bourgeois nationalism, as usual.
You have shown you know NOTHING at all about Marxism, which is INTERNATIONALIST.

You are just a washed up Stalinist.

nickglais said...

As you remain anonymous I can only suspect you are a bourgeois cosmopolitan of the Avakian variety - proletarian internationalism is not bourgeois cosmopolitanism - citizen of the world - no country ties so you can make you money anywhere.

Proletarian Internationalism is based on mutual respect of nations and their class struggles and mutual aid to those struggles against capitalism and imperialism.

The washed up Stalinist comment may indicate you are a trotskyist fantasist and loved Trotskys opposition to the real self determination for the Catalan people which he calls separatism or you may prefer Trotskys call for an Independent Ukraine just before the outbreak of World War 2 to align him with Nazi Banderities.

Avakian or Trotskyist you both share the same dirty bath water of revisionism on the national question.

Long Live Proletarian internationalism -smash bourgeois cosmpolitanism

Anonymous said...

Yeah fuck you Anonymous from my balls. Visca Catalunya visca Terra Lliure ! Gora Euskal Herria Gora Argala

nickglais said...

Thank you comrade Visca Catalunya visca Terra Lliure ! Gora Euskal Herria Gora Argala