Monday, October 16, 2017

Catalonia refuses to make clear if it will declare independence from Spain

Democracy and Class Struggle says hesitation is a hallmark of bourgeois leadership of national liberation struggles - time for the working class to take direction of the national struggle in Catalonia.

The anti-capitalist CUP formation said that last October 10 "missed a great opportunity", and defends that, in the face of the impossibility of finding international support, it should be taken into account the more than two million people who voted in the referendum of 1 of October.

"Those who defended their schools against the violence that displayed military and police occupation and those who were beaten, injured, humiliated and frightened by the National Police and the Civil Guard," says the CUP, "are already Republic." 

That is why its militants ask the President to respond to the call of Rajoy with the unequivocal will of the Catalans and Catalans.

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