Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Browder Effect from Russian TV

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Earl Browder was the leader of the US Communist Party during the Roosevelt period and Browderism was one of the early varieties of modern revisionism that attempted to create confusion between capitalism and socialism and exposed by Bill Foster.

His grandson Bill Browder wanted to become as big a capitalist  as his grandfather was a "Communist"of the pro capitalist type and Bill Browder was part of the rip off of Post Soviet Russia and the impoverishment of the Russian people to achieve his "big" capitalist status.

Bill Browder says he was "a man possessed" ripping off Russia and living his capitalist dream which was a nightmare for Russian People in the 1990's. guided by Harvard University organised fire sale of Russian People's Assets.

There is much propaganda in the west about the "good man" Browder and we publish this film from Russian TV as an antidote - just as in the past we published criticisms of Earl Browder today we criticize his grandson.

It also shows how the corruption in Russia is contributed to by United States and is not just a home grown product as anti Russia propaganda would have us believe.

When Bill Browder found himself in the 1990's leading the Russian Rip Off he had no problem with corruption of the Russian Privatization Schemes but when things went wrong he got an infusion of morality - its called hypocrisy.

Of Course we are not sympathetic to a capitalist Russia and want to speed all Oligarchs to Hell in 2017 and this film might contribute to that objective as well as exposing capitalist hypocrisy of Bill Browder .


Anonymous said...

Are you associated with the group around Bob Avakian and the RCP USA?

nickglais said...

No we have no association with Bob Avakian who we regard as a revisionist on national question and questions of the state and socialism