Saturday, July 8, 2017

Politcal and Cultural Formation in the Work of Antonio Gramsci by Peter Mayo


This lecture provides some new information for us - especially the origin of the optimism of the will  and pessimism of the intelligence quote.

Also the Southern Question and the question of internal colonialism while being theorised in Italy has truely Global Implications with centre and perifhery


peter mayo said...

I retract tracing the historical bloc concept to Georges Sorel. Gramsci does this but it is incorrect I subsequently learnt. So I take this back.Also I made the mistake of saying Gramsci does not provide a definition of Hegemony. My error. Yes he does. What he does not do is provide a systematic exposition of the concept. That is what I should have said. My use of recoil at one stage is a lapse. Shoukd have used recanted. Peter Mayo

peter mayo said...

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nickglais said...

thank you for your corrections - we appreciate your self criticism - its helps us in our recovery of revolutionary Gramsci - if you have other work on Gramsci you would like to share with us - we would be happy to publish