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Hail the State Conference of the Lok Sangram Manch (RDF) Punjab by Harsh Thakor


Report of the Lok Sangram Manch, Punjab (RDF) conference

22-23 July, 2017 Shaheed Nachhatar Singh Hall of Moga was decorated with utmost enthusiasm, by the activists of Lok Sangram Manch, Punjab (RDF). Hall was renamed for 22nd july as Shaheed Avtar Singh Dhudike,Lalinder Singh Lali, Pirthipal Singh Randhawa and Naxalbari martyrs memorial hall and on 23rd july it was named as Shaheed Udham Singh Memorial hall. Not only the hall was decorated with photographs of martyrs, flags and banners but also a big flex was welcoming delegates, guests and viewers right at the bus stand. The Hall building Complex was red with the flags. there was red memorial of martyrs in the corner of hall. 6 years of active activity was going to be reviewed and activists who were actively engaged in these years were working with great excitement. The volunteers were greeting everyone with warm tea. All the preparations were completed by 11 a.m. and revolutionary songs were being played in the hall. R.D.F. national president comrade Varvara Rao was awaited eagerly.

Conference started under the presidency of committee including com. Varvara Rao , com. Ajay, com. Surjeet phul , Com. Dilbag Singh , com. Surinder Kaur Dhudike . The General Secretary of the Lok Sangram Manch, Punjab (RDF) com. Balwant Makhu unfurled the flag in the memory of the martyrs. Everyone observed silence in the memory of the martyrs and comrade Manjit Rode sang the song of the flag. Slogans were raised in memory of the martyrs.

After this addressing the delegates, Comrade Varvara Rao said that Punjab has always been the land of struggles and sacrifices. He hopes that Lok Sangram Manch, Punjab will lead mass revolutionary movement and inspire the people for revolution .

After this, comrade Sukhwinder Kaur read out review report of last five years and 10 months. In her report she presented a brief report of the innumerable activities that have been observed during these years with their positive and negative aspects .

The main activities of Manch were organizing anti imperialism political -cultural programs in the memory of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Shaheed Udham Singh, Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha and Naxalbadi martyrs every year. These programs have a large presence of the common people and funds were raised from them. Manch has been playing an important role in activities of Anti Operation Green Hunt democratic front. These protest activities are in the form of public mobilization conventions and demonstrations.

The Manch independently mobilizes people's protests against fake police encounters and Operation Green Hunt. Lok Sangram Manch, Punjab has been contributing in all the activities of AFDR Punjab by mobilization.

The Manch mobilized the people against the disrespect of Guru Granth Sahib and raised the issue of the release of the Sikh prisoners. On a common platform including the other revolutionary democratic organizations, Manch organized protest against repression on the Kashmiri people ,murder of SIMI activists after taking them out of jail, the Malkangiri fake encounter, the public conventions against black laws, and against the oppression of women and many other issues.

The Manch has worked for people trapped in the clutches of UAPA and against police repression and helping them in arranging legal aid . The Manch led a strong struggle in favor of minor girl thrown out of the Badal’s orbit bus when it was running, after its employees misbehaved with her and her mother and girl was died. The Manch also joined struggle in Sharuti case of Faridkot by joining the action committee against kidnapping and rape of Sharuti .

 It also led struggle of Dalits against repression. It participated in the memorial in remembrance of left wing people. Most importantly, mobilization campaigns have been launched for boycott of all elections. The Manch stood by students during the visit of Seema Azad to Chandigarh and against repression on them in the struggle against fee hike of PU students . The Manch continues to engage in presented activities against all kinds of repression. The delegates held a lengthy debate on the report. The delegates brought to the notice of the state committee about the reports left unmentioned. The report, including the amendments, was passed unanimously.

Furder com.Sukhwinder kaur presented a resolution about problems raised within organization, on the issue of vote boycott policy, fedral structure of Manch , on the issue of staying connected with RDF and on other differences which arose in the organization and some comrades formed a separate organization in the name of Revolutionary People's Front. The delegates, while discussing the report passed the amendments by passing the resolution and passed that the comrades who have left the organization actually have left the understanding of RDF.

Then com. Sukhwinder kaur presented third resolution which was named as “The current situation and our Tasks”. In this resolution, the national and international situation in a brief, and some detailed current situation of state of Punjab was enlightened and a new list of tasks was presented which includes the economic onslaughts after the Modi government came in power and opposition of Operation Green Hunt and communal fascist tendencies and working for the formation and strengthening of constituent organizations of people, Continuing support for religious minorities and nationalities and raising the political level of the people by propagating revolutionary politics and continuing the present programs.

Com. Balwant Makhu conducted the stage and addressed questions of delegates.

Com. Lokraj presented resolutions in the house about onslaughts on tribals, dalits, women, nationalities, religious minorities, Kashmir’s freedom struggle, conviction of Dr GN Saibaba, operation Greenhunt , struggle of Dalits for panchyati land, commitments of Capt. Amrinder singh and about release of political prisioners, house passed all of resolutions. Finally com. Lokraj submitted a 6-year financial report of the state committee, which showed the organization in fiscal deficit. This report has been passed unanimously. Then the state committee presented their weaknesses to the delegates self critically.

After that the panel of the new committee was presented. The five-members new committee was elected unanimously as com. Sukhwinder Kaur State president (representative of Women's liberation front), Comrade Balwant Makhu genral secretary (Representative of Revolutionary Rural Labor Union), com. Piara Singh Patti Cashier ,com. Avtar Singh Feroke Vice-President (Representative of BKU (Krantikari)), com. Lok Raj Mehraj Joint Secretary .

After the session Comrade Varvara Rao lectured the comrades,sister organizations and general public on national and international situation and challenges. He referred to the legacy of Punjab and encouraged the people to take part in revolutionary struggles. He attacked Modi government for its communal hindu fascist and economic onslaught against poor people of India.

In addition to songs and music, on agrarian crisis a very emotional play 'Mirza' was staged.The enthusiastic people and the delegates ended their program by raising revolutionary slogans. Food tea and water was served throughout the program.

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