Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hiroshima before the dropping of the Atomic Bomb - A Reminder from the Past of normality turned into horror

Democracy and Class Struggle says with battlefield nuclear weapons lowering the threshold of nuclear weapon use nuclear horror is back on the agenda in 21st Century and normality can quickly end.

The presence of battlefield nuclear weapons in South Korea under United States control does nor augur well for the future - now that a US President Trump believes why have these weapons if you do not use them and has already dropped the largest non nuclear mother of all bombs in Afghanistan.

We are very near to midnight on the nuclear clock - wake up !

Wilfred Burchett one of the first Western Reporters in Hiroshima has lessons for today not only about Hiroshima but also about the Korean War - the Korean War has been a never ending War and it is time that a peace treaty is concluded in 2017.


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