Friday, February 15, 2013

Greece: Alexis Tsipras speaks out about the Strategy of Tension : Operation Gladio revisited

Speaking to a packed audience Alexis Tsipras at an Athens theatre on Monday,  the leader of Syriza said:
"In 1969, a bomb in Piazza Fontanta in Milan left 17 dead.
"This was the dawn of a long period where far right and fascist groups, in total collaboration with the Italian secret services, the parallel state, and the state within a state, developed what came to be called 'the strategy of tension'.
"Today the manuals of European extreme right have become the gospels of present Greek government."

Democracy and Class Struggle says please take the time out to study the Strategy of Tension and Operation Gladio.

It will help you understand the era in which we live and the activities undertaken by the North American and European Capitalist States.

Greece today is having the strategy of tension activated but it can be activated in any country at anytime,therefore we need to be vigilant.

For more background on Operation Gladio - Operation Gladio Revisted here  :

The 1992 BBC Documentary on Operation Gladio - good backgrounder

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