Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Egypt: The Struggle Continues until Victory

Omar Dahi: Cities along the Suez canal are revolting against the betrayal of the revolution by Morsi and the lack of meaningful economic reform

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"All these developments are positive developments in the real world of the North African and Middle East Uprisings and should provide knowledge and courage to take developments to a higher stage the struggle for Socialism.

However the real current weaknesses are obvious, Mao's three magic weapons of new democratic and socialist transformation - the revolutionary Communist Party, The United Front, the Peoples Army are at present missing from this mass upsurge in North Afrika and Middle East. A combination of revisionism and repression has denied space to these revolutionary formations in many countries.

However, we know these are the times when people learn more in weeks than they do in years, and they expressly do not wish to substitute one compradore elite for another and hence will to driven towards the scientific socialist ideology that will lead them out of the bondage of neo liberal capitalism towards scientific socialism in the 21st Century - Marxism Leninism Maoism".

Nickglais -
February 20, 2011

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