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Communist Party of India (Maoist) Boycott the Assembly polls in five states



Press Release

April 05, 2011

Boycott the assembly polls in the five states!
Intensify the People's War to establish the People's Democratic State

by uprooting the present semi-feudal and semi-colonial system of exploitation, oppression, corruption, violence, atrocities and insults!

The farce of assembly polls in the five states of Assam, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondichery and West Bengal is on. While the people of our country are facing corruption, price rise, poverty, hunger, unemployment, loot of resources, displacement, destruction of ecology etc, all the parliamentary parties are oblivious to these life and death problems of the people and are engaged in a severe violence filled contest to capture power by hook or crook. Apart from the main exploiting classes' parties of Congress and BJP who are in the forefront in implementing the imperialist-dictated economic policies, other ruling class parties like the CPM which is implementing fascist rule in West Bengal since 30 years, the DMK and AIDMK that are notorious for their corruption and malpractices, the Assam Gana Parishad which shamelessly betrayed the national aspirations of the Assam people are mainly in the race. They are indiscriminately using money power, muscle power, identities like caste, religion etc and are vying with each other for votes. All kinds of cheap tricks are being used like wooing the voters with everything under the sun from sarees to computers. Millions of rupees are poured down the drain just to 'buy votes'.

For the past 30 long years, CPM has been carrying on a social fascist rule in West Bengal in support of the feudal, imperialist and comprador bureaucratic capitalist exploitation and has been completely exposed before the people. For the sake of comprador capitalists like Tata, Jindal etc and for the sake of SEZs the fertile lands of peasantry were sought to be seized. The cruel repression, the inhuman massacres and the atrocities on women perpetrated by the state police, central paramilitary forces and the goonda force of CPM, the 'Harmad Bahini' on the militant peasantry of Nandigram and Singur who opposed seizure of their lands and the heroic people of Lalgadh who rose in an upsurge against police atrocities will remain a permanent blot in the history. Parties like the CPI and Forward Block which are sharing power with the CPM as part of Left block are getting exposed with each day for their bankruptcy of continuing with the CPM in all the anti-people policies it is taking up. The Trinamool Congress under Mamta Banerji's leadership is cashing in on the dissatisfaction and the hatred among all sections of the people towards CPM and came to the fore as a strong contender for power. So now the CPM is facing the danger of losing its power. Whatever Mamta Banerjee may promise today, once in power her rule is not going to be basically any different from that of the CPM. It is very clear that her rule in alliance with Congress would be a continuation of the pro-feudal, pro-corporate and anti-people policies implemented by all ruling class parties including the CPM till date. Along with Congress, BJP and CPM, Trinamool Congress is also a party which represents the interests of the feudal and comprador bureaucratic capitalist classes, bending its knees before the imperialists. So the only way before the people of Bengal is to boycott these sham elections and to build militant people's struggles while keeping the Maoist People's War at the core with the inspiration of the glorious struggle spirit of the Lalgarh people. The real alternative is to expand more militantly and in a more organized manner the alternative people's political power which came to the fore in an embryonic form as a result of the historic Lalgarh movement.

Using their power in the state and in the UPA alliance at the centre Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi, A. Raja and his other bandit coterie have resorted to scams swindling billions of rupees and are now spending millions of rupees to come to power again. Karunanidhi granted permissions to nearly 70 SEZs and gave away thousands of hectares of prime land to MNCs. The living conditions of the peasantry and workers are worsening. More than 25,000 workers were retrenched in the past two years in Tirupur which resulted in the suicides of more than a thousand garment workers. AIADMK under Jayalalitha's leadership is trying to come to power by hook or crook utilizing the dissatisfaction among the people towards DMK. However the people of Tamilnadu are more than aware that she is also a notorious bandit who hoarded billions of rupees misusing power. DMK and AIADMK who do not tire of focusing themselves as the champions of the Tamil cause have indirectly supported the massacres of Tamils and the unjust war waged by the Sinhala chauvinist Rajapakse government in Srilanka with the support of India, China and US with the aim of decimating LTTE. Rejecting these two parties and other parties which are in cohorts with them and intensifying mass movements and revolutionary struggles is the only alternative in front of the Tamilnadu people.

The ruling Left Front in Kerala is bogged down in several corruption scams and earned the ire of the people by fulfilling the interests of the corporate classes. Using this situation the UDF under the Congress leadership is leaving no stone unturned to come to power. The AGP which had a past history of waging struggles representing the national aspirations of the Assam People has completely betrayed the cause and is now vying for power in the state. This party was hand in glove with Congress in suppressing the just national struggles of ULFA, Bodos etc.

Particularly, in the past few years many corruption scams have come to light and the real face of the political system of our country is getting exposed. It became crystal clear through the recent 2G Spectrum scam how the ministers of all parties, leaders, corporate bosses and media barons have colluded to amass billions of rupees. On the other hand, with the aim of suppressing the various sections of people, people's movements and revolutionary movements that are waging struggles on various people's issues, repressive campaigns are launched deploying security forces. Fascist laws are formulated and the people and revolutionaries are jailed for years together without any trial. Harsh punishments are pronounced. All the rights which are supposed to be granted by the constitution are curbed including the right to live.

The central government had deployed more than 800 companies of paramilitary forces for the 'smooth conducting' (read violence, atrocities, firings on people, arrests and rigging) of elections. It is worth noting that out of these, more than 600 companies are for West Bengal alone where the Maoist movement is relatively stronger. Long before the elections, CPM had deployed thousands of armed goons belonging to its goonda army Harmad Bahini in the villages, particularly in dozens of villages in the Jungle Mahal area. These armed goons and Joint Forces have already been perpetrating countless unspeakable brutal atrocities and violent acts on the masses. This means that all preparations have been completed to herd the people into polling booths pointing barrels of their guns at their backs and for unprecedented mammoth rigging. Particularly in West Bengal CPM readied itself to perpetrate huge scale violence to continue in power at any cost.

It has been proven beyond doubt in the past 64 years history of so-called independent India that any party or alliance in power or any party or alliance which wants to come to power is only fulfilling the interests of the feudal, comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the imperialists and not that of the 95 percent of the population constituting workers, peasants, employees, students, women, dalit, adivasi and other oppressed classes/sections in our country. The election process is itself a big sham. It is a farce conducted to strengthen the rule of the exploiting classes. Only the color of the ruling alliance or the party it represents changes with these elections but nothing changes basically in the system. None of the fundamental problems of hunger, poverty, unemployment, price rises etc can get solved through this. Money is spent for getting elected, it is the moneybags which sit in the parliament/assemblies and rule us and it is they again who amass wealth which is many times over what they spent to get elected. The increasing number of criminals who are accused of murders, kidnaps, rapes and such abominable crimes in all the parties contending in elections is an indication of their true nature. That is why our party makes it clear that the parliament and assemblies are nothing but 'pigsties'. Without uprooting this whole rotten system the lives of people can never improve. Successfully completing the New Democratic Revolution and building a People's Democratic State of all oppressed sections on the basis of worker-peasant unity is the real alternative before the people of our country. Our Central Committee is issuing a call to the people to rally into the People's War waged under the leadership of our party.

Beloved People of Our Country !

Boycott the assembly polls in five states! A country which calls itself a 'democracy' should honor the right not to vote along with the right to vote. We must fight against curbing of this right. We must raise our voices against herding people into polling booths pointing guns at their heads. Reject the fake parliamentary democracy rotten with corruption and scams. Welcome the alternative people's democratic political power which is being established at a basic level in Dandakaranya, Bihar-Jharkhand, Odisha, Bengal and other places under our party's leadership and come forward to establish people's power in all four corners of our country.



Central Committee,

Commubist Party of India (Maoist)

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