Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Castration and conspiracy: How British government covered up torture of the Mau Mau - including Obama's grandfather - for 50 years

  • The full horror of a brutal campaign of torture meted out by British officials on Kenyan rebels including Barack Obama's grandfather has emerged for the first time.

A cache of secret documents detailing efforts to suppress the Mau Mau uprising has lain hidden in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in London, for 50 years.

Removed from Kenya on the cusp of independence, they were uncovered in January after five Kenyans launched a lawsuit against the British government.

The claimants say they suffered castration, sexual abuse and severe beatings in detention camps administered by the British government and want an apology and financial compensation.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373650/Mau-Mau-rebellion-Torture-rebels-including-Obamas-grandfather.html 


Kenya has sent a protest note to the British Foreign Office for its attempt to stifle a case filed by Mau Mau veterans in a London court.
The compensation claim was filed by the Mau Mau Veterans in June 2009 against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) court for mistreatment during the British colonial rule.
The petition from the Attorney General’s office was against the attempt by the FCO to strike out or obtain a summary judgment in respect of a claim brought by the veterans.
Further, the Government termed this action by the FCO as “inappropriate and contrary to the principal of International Comity” while reiterating its support for the Mau Mau old hands.
Kenya’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mr Ephraim Ngare, presented the petition to the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary William Hague.
The summary judgment hearing is set to be held on Monday.
Such a judgment is issued by a court without a full trial on specific or all facts of the case.
In essence, a party applying for a summary judgment is trying to avoid the process of disclosure of evidence, such as witness statements, and reducing its chances of losing the trial.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said the British Government filed the application on the grounds that they are not liable for the actions and omissions of the British Colonial Administration.

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