Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prachanda for new agreement to settle disputes

source TGW

The United Communist Party-Maoist Chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that a new agreement was long over due to get rid of the differences among the major stakeholders of the peace process.

He also warned that any further delay in making such agreement would only push the country to further chaos and uncertainty.
Dahal was also of the opinion that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 6 Mangsir 2062 was in itself a self contradictory one and the peace process thus is in a fractured state.

“We need to forge new agreement to provide continuity to the peace process and draft the new constitution on time”, said Dahal addressing a book launching ceremony.
Dr. Birendra Mishra has authored the book entitled “The Nepalese Peace Process”. The book launching ceremony was held in Kathmandu.

However, he assured the attending mass that the United Maoist party will never detach itself from the ongoing peace process.

Dahal also claimed that some forces in the country were trying to sideline the Maoists from the peace process.

“Freshly Girija Prasad Koirala have begin making strange remarks, Defense Minister Bhandari is in India to import weapons…such acts were aimed at jeopardizing the peace process”, he declared.

“We are left with no option than to reevaluate past agreements and forge new accord among the political parties of Nepal”, he continued. “I request the civil society to take the initiative in this regard”, Dahal concluded.

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