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Free Rinaldo, Marco, Alessandro and Samuele!

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC)
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Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP)
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Joint Statement of CARC and ASP

We call all the democratic, antifascist and communist forces to release this statement widely

Provocations, beatings, threats, arrests: Massa police tries to prevent people’s organization against fascist patrols!

People’s patrols against fascists and racists are just, even if the bourgeoisie states that they are illegal!

We demand the immediate liberation of the comrades!

We call all Communists, antifascists, true democratic people to take a stand and denounce the violation of the democratic rights conquered by the victory of the Resistance

Free Rinaldo, Marco, Alessandro and Samuele!

On 25th July the comrades of ASP promoted an antifascist and antiracist people’s patrol at Massa, near the place where the CARC Party held its National Feast and where ASP is holding its one, in order to oppose the campaign the Right Wing has fomented during the last months, with patrols, sit in and releasing leaflets exalting racism

The comrades of ASP and CARC Party and other Communists and antifascists of Massa went towards the zone where the Rightists were going to do their patrol (the SSS, headed by a former marshal of the Carabinieri, a notorious fascist) and met some fascists standing outside a bar, escorted by police cars. The fascists, supported by the police, provoked the comrades, who did not withdraw until the fascists dispersed.
The comrades go back to the Feast area, but soon after some provokers came to the entrance and attacked some young people who were there. The comrades who were on duty for the security intervened and immediately the policemen and the political police (Digos) attacked and held the comrades, so that it was clear that they set a trap.

The comrades were able to call by phone some others, who came. The police attacked them beating, kicking and punching and four of them were arrested: Rinaldo and Alessandro of the CARC Party, Marco and Samuele of the ASP.

The news of these provocative arrests were got by the comrades who were at the Feast, and they went to the barracks of the Carabinieri and then to police headquarters, There they found ambulances and so feared that the political policemen of Massa, notorious torturers, wer going to do again what they did on November 1998, when they kidnapped 12 comrades. Concern, anger and just indignation grew when they got to know that one of the comrades held and beaten by the political police had had a illness, but the police did not allow the ambulance to come in the headquarters!
Now three of the comrades have been liberated. We have no news about Alessandro, secretary of the CARC Party for the Tuscany. Samuele was able to go to the hospital, guarded over by a carabiniere who facing comrade’s relatives was exalting fascism
The comrades stayed in front of the headquarters all night long and they went to the railway station, blocking the trains for several hours.

Getting these news, in Naples, where it is held the Feast of Resistenza [the newspaper of the CARC Party, Note of Translator] of Southern Italy, some comrades spontaneously marched towards a police station chanting slogans. They stayed there several hours and then they blocked the railway station also in Naples
Let’s call Massa Police Headquarters (0039-585-494602) asking for the liberation of Alessandro!

Let’s follow the example of the comrades of ASP and CARC Party who are in the forefront against the fascist and racist patrols! Let’s organize people’s patrols!
Fascists, racists and their instigators and supporters will not be able to stop the struggle for making Italy a new socialist country! They will not be able to prevent us from utilizing our Feasts as means for denouncing their crimes and for people’s organization!

Solidarity is a weapon!

We go onwards in the struggle for making Italy a new socialist country by the mobilization, the fight, the class solidarity!


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