Thursday, July 30, 2009

No integration of Maoists into Army: Deputy PM

Press Trust Of India
Kathmandu, July 30, 2009

In a snub to Maoists, Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Gachchadar on Thursday said the combatants of the former militant outfit will not inducted into the country's army and that his party has reservation to the very word "integration."

"My party has reservation to the very word integration of the army. Maoist combatants should be adjusted to other fields of the society rather than merged into the army," Gachchadar, also the chief of newly-formed Madhesi People's Rights Forum Nepal (Democratic), said.

"As the Maoists' Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) personnel are politically indoctrinated, such kinds of combatants should not be inducted into the national army," he said.

He underlined the need for forging a broader democratic alliance in order to strengthen democracy.

"Maoists should also be included in the democratic alliance as the party has already made a commitment to multiparty democracy and peace process. There is a need to forge unity among all the democratic and communist forces in order to take the peace process to the logical conclusion and to draft a new constitution," he said.

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