Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maoist chairman Prachanda has claimed that a new Maoist-led 'national government' would be formed within one and half month.

Speaking to journalists in his home district Chitwan Wednesday, Prachanda said he was now concentrating on forming a "national government with civilian supremacy", which would come into existence in one month and half. But, he made it clear that his party would not join the present 'unconstitutionally-formed' government.

"They must be day dreaming if they are expecting us to join the present government," Prachanda said, accusing the ruling allies of ganging up against the Maoists in order to prolong their stay in power.

He also claimed that thousands of UML cadres were going to join the Unified CPN (Maoist) within a few days.

Prachanda , who arrived in Chitwan with his wife on Tuesday, met his in-laws at Pakadi Bazaar and visited his ancestral home at Shivnagar.
Prachanda had left for Chitwan a day after the two-week meeting of the politburo, which decided to push for a Maoist-led national government.

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