Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who is Ram Raja Prasad Singh ?

Ram Raja Prasad Singh is a veteran Republican. He was chairman of the Nepal Janabadi Morcha (Nepal Democratic Front) a leftwing political movement in Nepal. The group was founded in 1976, and worked clandestinely during the panchayat regime, and its chairman Ram Raja Prasad Singh lived in exile in India. After the successful Constituent Assembly election in April 2008, Ram Raja Prasad Singh was proposed by the CPN(M) as a candidate to become the first president of the Federal Republic of Nepal.


DRRRS said...

Every nepali citizen should know Who this man (Ram Raja prasad Singh) is?
He initiated the process of democracy. He was offered prime ministership during king's reign. He refused as he dreamt of a republic nepal.
Other parties had been a bystander witnessing the force of RamRaja prasad singh. He was young when he started his movement for democratic nepal.
He selflessly fought scarificing all his personal and professional comfort.
If anyone deserved to be a fisrt president of Nepal it was Ram Raja Prasad Singh.

Saurav said...

Yaaahh !! We r proud of him