Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maoist leader Rishiram Rokka calls for through discussion of whether the party should form government or not

The Maoist district leaders of Rolpa have advised the party leadership to conduct a thorough review of the presidential election and the party's ongoing efforts to form a new government.

They have also said that the party should start a serious discussion on its failure to build a working unity with other leftist forces of the country. Likewise, they were also of the opinion that there should be discussion among the party activists on whether the party should form the government or not in the present scenario, while warning against the meaninglessness of forming the government against the spirit of the people's insurgency.

"If the wishes and aspiration of the people can't be fulfilled then going to the government has no meaning," Maoist district leader Rishiram Rokka told Kantipur Daily, adding, "there needs to be thorough discussion on whether the party should take initiative to form the government or not."

Most Maoist activists from the district had died during the decade long people's insurgency

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