Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Problems and Prospects for a Maoist led Government in Nepal

Democracy and Class Struggle says the change of mind by the CPN Maoist leadership to lead the Government according to Chairman Prachanda is due to

"There is a growing threat against nationalism and there is a need for maintaining social harmony, that's why the Maoists are joining the government"

"We are now ready to form the government as the parties in the alliance including the UML and the MPRF have categorically urged us to do so," he added.

However the key point is outlined in recent Editorial in the CPN Maoist Red Star

"The people will understand it is not correct for the Maoist to join a government if nothing can be done to serve the people"

If joining the Government helps reduce ethnic tensions the Nepalese people will understand - but the minimum programme of the Maoists also needs to be implemented through the Constituent Assembly with the President and Vice President already showing inclinations to exceed their Constitutional authority and constituting roadblocks to social progress.

The CPN Maoist leadership is the best judge of the strategy and tactics on the ground in Nepal but the fear of its friends is that it will be able to do very little in Government and become trapped in bourgeois politics - providing its enemies with a chance of discrediting and demoralisng the Peoples Movement.

We hope our fears are not realised and that the CPN Maoist has taken the right decision.

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