Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey is a series of videos on the David site which Democracy and Class Struggle strongly recommend you view.

If you thought Marx's Capital was to difficult Harvey will help you through it, if you thought you have read it and understood it all - he will challenge you to think again.

There is a link of the top right of this page to David Harvey site - take a look.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Lectures - thanks

Mike said...

Yes, thanks for this link comrade. I'm currently reading the new edition of Harvey's "Limits to Capital", so it's good to come across these lectures.

nickglais said...

I have ordered Harvey's Limits to Capital - I have read his Imperialism - I am impressed by the video lectures has there is always something new to learn from Capital with each new reading.