Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dealing with an "Unholy" Anti Maoist Alliance

Democracy and Class Struggle says the decision of the CPN Maoist not to form Government given the new Anti Maoist Alliance of the CP UML, Nepali Congress and MJF reflects the new realities in Nepal where the counter revolutionary forces in Nepal have re-grouped.

The siren call of the Nepali Congress for CPN Maoist to form government is nothing but a rope for the CPN Maoist to hang itself with.

Arjun Narsingh of the Nepali Congress says.

"We still believe and want the Maoists to form and lead the new government. That was our earlier decision and we stick by it," Narsingh said. "We will not be an obstacle for them in this matter."

The CPN Maoist rightly ignores such siren calls and should concentrate on exposing the new alliance of the bankrupt parties and their new government to build on its popular support registered in the Elections.

The CPN Maoist Programme cannot be implemented under current political
conditions of the new President and Vice President.

Therefore exposing the opportunists of the CP UML and Nepali Congress and MJF is the task of the hour so that the CPN Maoist can sweep the remainder of the CP UML, the Nepali Congress and their new found Madhesi partner the MJF from electoral office over the days,months and if necessary years.

The People of Nepal want democratic change but the "Unholy" Alliance does not.

The political landscape in Nepal has changed and the CPN Maoist has to adjust its strategy and tactics to fit that terrain

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