Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Nepali Congress Unmasked from Red Star - The Paper of CPN Maoist

The Nepali people have lost a great deal because of the obstacles created by the Nepali Congress (NC) during these last two and a half months: the selection of a President and Prime Minister, the initiation of drafting the new constitution, the budget for the coming fiscal year have all been disrupted and delayed.

The lust for power of the NC has betrayed the aspirations of the Nepali people; moreover it is giving a very negative and confusing message to the international community. As a result, the Sri Lankan foreign minister had to invite both GP Koirala, who has declared his resignation from the post of Prime Minister as well as the Maoist Chairman, Prachanda, the likely future Prime Minister, for the 15th SAARC summit.

After losing the election, the NC started obstructing the political process by putting forward a seven point demands. Later, while some of the demands were met, the NC leaders started to add more demands. Furthermore, they demanded that the leader of opposition should be in the Security Council; this does not exist anywhere in the world. The main purpose of all these conditions was to prevent the Maoists coming to power. But with time, the true intentions of the NC had come to light.

However, the attempts of the NC have burst like bubbles; GP Koirala had to declare resignation. But, just as he resigned, the Madhesi leaders started disrupting the CA meeting. This is no coincidence. The NC and the Madhesi leaders had a private meeting a few days before the announcement of GP Koirala’s resignation.

The Nepal Congress pretends it is a democratic party; if so, it should accept defeat and step aside and let the victorious Maoist form the new government. To be so greedy for power is to ridicule democracy. The NC has been punished by the people; it is not in a position to peach about democracy to anyone else. The NC should look in the mirror, and ask itself about its own democratic credentials. Who are the NC to tell the Maoist what to do and what not to do?

The undemocratic character and obstinacy of the NC has almost broken the consensual political tradition that started two and half years ago with the signing of 12-point agreement. By putting forward its seven point demands, even after being defeated in the CA election, the NC has breached the 12-point agreement. In this way, the NC has effectively replaced the Monarchy. The NC, with the backing of expansionist and the assistance of so-called Madhesi leaders is trying to ambush the patriotic, democratic and leftist forces along with the Maoist. The real democratic, progressive and leftist forces have two options; either to surrender or prepare to fight for a pro-people and independent Republic. Only the second option can save revolution and national sovereignty.

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