Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maoists to take to streets if Koirala becomes PM again

Maoist chairman Prachanda’ has warned that his party would launch nationwide agitation if Girija Prasad Koirala becomes prime minister, again.

Prachanda Speaking at a programme organised by Muslim Mukti Morcha in the capital, Saturday, Prachanda claimed ‘foreign forces’ were plotting to make Koirala PM again.

“Domestic and foreign forces are conspiring to make Koirala prime minister. If that happens, that will be against the people’s mandate. We will bring people in the streets against such move,” said Prachanda,

He added that his party can easily topple what he called ‘petty Kings’ in reference to Koirala.

Prachanda also ruled out any possibility of Maoists returning to jungle. “Petty Kings are making every effort to block Maoists from climbing to power. If this effort continues we will push the petty Kings into the jungle instead,” he said.

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