Thursday, September 6, 2018

Trump Victory as History - What to Make of the Age of Trump by Thomas Frank

Democracy and Class Struggle says Thomas Frank shows how the Liberals created the basis for the Trump Victory and History will regard it as so.

How the Post Trump world will be made is still in process fake Populism will be exposed but what will it be replaced with it.

Will there be a new Working Class Party in USA and new Mass Movements - certainly not the Democratic Party as Thomas Frank thinks is possible - Frank's belief in Democratic Party has a religious tone to it not a rational one.

His latest contribution is that the Liberals have not Listened - Rendezvous with Oblivion and has a more pessimistic tone.

Time for Liberalism to give way to Socialism - Revolutionary Socialism

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scofflaw said...

This expose is so important that it hurts...that is, the inflated shills, stooges, scabs, and mountebanks of the Spectacle!