Saturday, September 22, 2018

Bannon and "The Movement" Organising Proto Fascists - Fascists and Far Right in Europe

Democracy and Class Struggle  says in a past interview with Michael Moore Steve Bannon says the:

"Liberals are only interested in a pillow fight we aim to wound the head".

It is time to end the bourgeois liberalism's tokenism against emergent fascism and fight it with the guts and determination and backbone of our parents and grand parents.

This is no pillow fight this has been and always has been and existential fight.

They may call themselves different names but we know who they are they have re invented nothing they at core what was defeated and put on trial at Nuremberg War Trials - Fascists and Nazis.

RT is no friend in this fight they triangulate right and left but many Russian People are deeply anti Fascist and they are our friends.

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