Monday, September 10, 2018

Communist Poland Documentary

Democracy and Class Struggle supports the revolutionary post war re-construction of Poland - but after death of Boleslaw Beirut in 1956 - in the economic sphere we saw market innovations led by revisionists like Oscar Lange  and Gomulka which destabilized the Polish Economy and increased the the ideological problems with revisionism dominating the political economy and philosophy in Poland by the 1960's the period that this film was made.Adam Schaff a revisionist Philosopher was the official ideologue of the Polish United Workers Party.

Clearly the ideological problems with the Catholic Church and the Peasantry plus economic mismanagement led to the rise of reactionary forces in Poland and the return of Poland to Capitalism and making Poland a stalking horse for US Imperialism against Russia with a revival of the old revanchist and expansionist ideas of Pilsudski of the Intermarium of a Poland that dominates from the Black Sea to the Baltic - this has we have said is a recipe for a new War with Russia which will be devastating to Poland - a war America will fight to the last Polish soldier.

Poland was an initial Post War success but the roots of its return to capitalism were always there and it never underwent any profound socialist cultural revolution and returning to the capitalist road proved the more easy path than the real struggle for socialism.

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