Sunday, September 9, 2018

Outburst of Happiness - Mass parade on DPRK Foundation Day

Democracy and Class Struggle says the DPRK has much to celebrate after 70 years.

It fought the division of it country in 1945 - a division which was a unilateral act of the United States who put a line on map to divide Korea into North and South - a crime against the Korean People.

After years of Civil War in the South in which more people lost their lives than in the Spanish Civil War - A full scale All Korean War broke out in 1950 with the most powerful nation on the planet the USA under guise of UN.

The Korean people fought the War to a standstill and armistice under appalling bombing by 1953.

The war against North Korea economically and diplomatically was to continue into 21st century with the armistice just being cessation of military hostilities.

Today the DPRK is winning more diplomatic victories and recognition for their heroic struggle for independence and respect of real proletarians around the world

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