Saturday, September 8, 2018

About Communist Movement in Nepal from ANNISU (REVOLUTIONARY)

About Communist movement in Nepal " sadly in our country people's life is so miserable it might be worse than death .

They survive like animal with very basic needs , suffering the oppression from the ruling class and foreign powers .

Now we cannot accept it ,we will not accept it, we want a change ,we want a revolution .

Revolution seeks eternal happiness for everyone in the world .

Revolution can take place anywhere ,any time ,in any heart . forever this is the meaning of revolution .

No matter what so- called communist do , we have to be one hundred percent believe in unified people's revolution ..... from fraud politicians people have had enough of their despotic rule . they set out to remove poverty .instead ,got rid of the poor. the common man' s pocket is cleaned out bare . so..death itself cannot deter us . 

What can these small setbacks do ? our movement is for the people and for their rights, we will fight until our last breath . until we don't throw out corrupted politician and bad political system from every inch of our land.

We will seize and take what's our by right with nary a doubt nor hesitation .Now ,we need no one nor suffer anymore . we heard enough ,suffered enough .

How long should our tongue be mute one day ,it shall speak . this is the bitter truth of our country nobody cares about the poor ,the big projects and corrupted politician only care about profit. the state ,police and the system ,everything is designed for them .nothing for the common man .that's why we fight .and we will continue with all our might .the terrorism of the gun is nothing .

To keep the poor in poverty ,to loot their land .to take away all their rights ...that's the real terrorism .

And its your government who is doing this ,But now an anger is rising in the blood of every peoples .and that anger will now emerge from the barrel of the gun . we will not rest in the peace and until then the people's unified revolution will continue .our mission is to establish the system of scientific socialism . 

At this present time all of Nepal is looking us if we surrender now the rebellion dies before it is born ,we cannot let that happen .we won't let that happen.we will win ,even if takes a ...years .the revolution needs bloods let it be mine .

We know that government has applied a blame of lies .they have been cheating us for the election time past some years ....with sweet talk and false promises.

By feeding us a piece of candy they will such blood out of you . so we appeal all of you.. it's time to honour your pledge ,it's time to do or die ....pick up arms and fight , fight for your freedom for once fight your rights come on ! the time has come ,time to fight ,time to be free from corruption , gender inequality , racial discrimination ,poverty, unemployment ,class discrimination and so on...


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