Sunday, September 2, 2018

Trump is Compromised by Russian Mafia ?- Craig Unger

Democracy and Class Struggle says that the Russian State and Russian Mafia are not identical which is the view of many Russophobes.

The Russian Mafia has input and contradictions with the Russian State as do many of the Russian Oligarchs and over simplistic models making them identical are not only wrong but analytically stupid.

This over simplistic analysis of the Russian State is a continuation of the incorrect Sovietologists totaltalitarian analysis of the Russia of the 1930's which saw the emergence of many democratic civil society organisations - mass organisations outside the Communist Party.

It is no a wonder that even bourgeois anti communist scholars like Stephen Cohen find it hard to swallow Russophobe models of the Russian state in the 21th Century but readily accept their precursors the anti communists anti soviet totalitarian models of 20th century.

It is not as Churchill stated that Russia is enigma wrapped up in a riddle - it is just that self deception has proved more ideologically comforting in West than complex realities in dealing with the real Russia in 20th and 21st Centuries. 

PS: For the record we have never had any doubt about Trumps involvement with Russian Mafia but we not not necessarily conflate that as being in interests of the Russian State

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