Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Trump assassination Order on Assad - kill him - kill them all - nuke them them all !

Democracy and  Class Struggle says RT continues its Deep State against Trump mantra while Trump theatens to bomb Syria again if  Syrian Province of Idlib is Liberated - yes Trump not the right wing construct of the Deep State.

RT gives prominence to "fake news" claims about the assassination order from Trump of Assad .

Trump is a continuation of the Obama Kill List not his nemesis ..

One wonders who is feeding the Kremlin with this fact defying crap.

Maybe be some of the Pro Trumpers that seem to have weasled their way into Sputnik and RT like the arsehole Lionel defender of the lunacy of QAnon.

Mattis and Kelly have denied the quotes from them in Fear despite multiple verifiable sources - these are the final days of denial echoing Watergate denials.

There are tapes and documents of inner circles not just critics.

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