Saturday, September 1, 2018

Poem for Zakharchenko (1976-2018 ) from Adam Garrie

How high is the sword sown deep in the heart 
When one’s land is one’s commander in a war without end 

While cowards hide readily behind enemy lines 
There is only one duty that to a patriot binds.

A common man’s warrior bringing comfort to the lost 
When slaying the fascist no battle was lost 

Even when abandoned by fair weathered friends 
A soldier is a leaf that as a stone never bends.

Your name was written in the stars many years ago 
Russia’s next generation against last century’s foe

The 9th will arrive again but without your embrace
But a patriots’s scars run beyond the lines of a battle worn face.

An angel of justice in a world filled with grief 
Your memory eternal before an enemy as wicked as brief,

In your land and beyond every man shall forever know
That the path of your footprints is where heroes shall go.

Alexander Zakharchenko (1976-2018)


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