Monday, August 5, 2013

Sri Lanka : Haunted by her Yesterdays

This documentary tells a story of silent agony, trapped screams and repressed mourning. A story of women forced to deny their identity -- who are trapped in between a government which sees them as "Tigers," and a society whose norms they are no longer deemed worthy of. These women fought bravely alongside men as members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) during Sri Lanka's bloody thirty-year civil war. From protectors and defenders of their families, villages and nation, thousands of female ex-combatants have now returned home to assume more traditional roles as mothers, wives, widows, and teachers -- in communities where they are perpetually shunned.

Through several powerful voices, "Haunted by Her Yesterdays" allows a few to share their pain and suffering -- the wounds that remain unhealed, the scars that are impossible to ignore and the hearts that still burn with pain, passion and grief -- for the world to hear. This film is a gripping tale of loss, betrayal and struggle, but --above all else -- it is a search for inspiration and a call for action. As the country's war-torn North and East struggles to rebuild itself, this documentary tells a deeply moving story that has been overlooked for far too long

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