Monday, October 12, 2009

Press statement from Serve the People: Insanity to award Obama the Noble Peace Prize

Serve the People – Communist League means that the Peace Prize to the
president of the USA is insanity and is looking forward to great demonstrations against a potential visit of Obama to Oslo.

- The US president is the last person in the world to deserve such a peace
prize, spokesperson for Serve the People, Henrik Ormåsen states.

Ormåsen and Serve the People accuse the Nobel committee of being struck by the Obamania in Europe during the electoral campaign in the USA.

- This is the spreading effect of the «Obamania», adiscouraged Ormåsen says.

- No state in the world has started so many wars and contributed to so
many bloody coups as the USA. There is a straight line from the US war
with Spain on the control over the Philippines mor than a hundred years
ago via the Korean war and Vietnam to today’s occupations of Iraq and
Afghanistan. It is pure insanity to award a «peace prize» to the leader of
the largest war power in the world, Ormåsen states.

The spokesperson speculates about the Nobel committee really just wants to get a political popstar to Norway just to show off.

- This is probably all about prestige and the fact that the Nobel
committee just wants to display extravagance with a grandiose visit, and
not a proper evaluation of what role Obama and the USA play in today’s
world, Ormåsen says.

Serve the People brands the USA as an imperialist power which mixes into
other countries both with military and political means to serve its own

- Obama is no break with US-imperialism, on the contrary, Ormåsen says.

- In the electoral campaign and afterwards Obama on the contrary has
promised to step up the war in Afghanistan. He wants more American
soldiers and bombers in poor countries, not less. Obama is a small part of
a huge war machine, and we encourage the Norwegian people to turn Oslo
upside down if he puts his feet on Norwegian soil, Henrik Ormåsen

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