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Immediate freedom for comrades imprisoned in Pistoia !

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Immediate freedom for comrades imprisoned in Pistoia !

Provocations, intimidations, complaints and jail for those who promote popular anti-fascism!

Tolerance, covers, protection for fascists and racists squads!

The struggle of the masses against dismissal, misery, degradation, racism and fascism is always legitimate, although for the bourgeoisie, its politicians, its courts and its police officers is illegal!

Why Alessandro Della Malva, Elisabetta Cipolli and Alessandro Orfano are in jail?

On 11 October in Pistoia , the police raided the 1st May club, identified all comrades who were at a meeting for discussing the mobilization against the fascist patrols, held them in the police headquarters for the whole night and arrested three of them accused of devastation, looting, injuries and violence and abetting. Shortly, they were accused to have directly or not participated in the attack to a fascist centre near there.

Let’s denounce this provocative, threatening and persecutory police operation!

Free the imprisoned comrades!

Long live the popular anti-fascism and the self-organization of the masses!

Let’s promote 10, 100, 1000 popular anti-fascist and anti-racist patrols!

Closing fascists’ dens is just and legitimate!

Preventing fascists from political acting is a duty of every communist, democratic, fascist, and progressive people!

Let’s send letters to the comrades arrested:

Alessandro della Malva c/o Carcere di Pistoia Via dei Macelli 13

Tel. 0573 975111 fax 0573 22718 - e-mail: cc.pistoia

Elisabetta Cipolli

Alessandro Orfano

c/o Carcere di Sollicciano Via Minervini, 2/r - 50018 - Scandicci (Firenze)

Subscriptions for legal costs: Postepay No 4023600470226814 – registered in the name of M. Maj.

Bourgeois politicians’ reactions to the news of the attack against the fascists’ centre show the link between Berlusconi’s gang and fascist and racist organizations. They show the tolerance to fascist squads by the new right wing, the Democratic Party: solidarity with fascists came from politicians (including Claudio Martin i, President of Tuscany Region and Augustine Fragai, regional councillor), trade unionists of the regime (the CGIL of Pistoia), institutions and "intellectuals" (Minister Meloni, Giampaolo Pansa). They talk about “society barbarization”; they say that they are seriously worried, that “it has gone too far."

These "champions of democracy" rally around the fascists and take about “values of Constitution” and "defence of legality". None of them, anyway, even timidly spoke when, three days earlier, the Court of Genoa sentenced to a century in prison 15 comrades who opposed the G8 in Genoa in 2001 (because they "put the city on fire") and discharged the instigators and perpetrators of the slaughter at the police headquarters during these days. They do not intervene as well when the immigrants are tortured in the Centres where they are shut up, when the immigrant women are raped, when the barges are rejected or sunk in the Mediterranean . Masters, politicians and bourgeois intellectuals not invoke the intervention of magistracy and police to arrest those responsible for 5 deaths a day at work, for the deaths because of medical malpractice, for the deaths because of predicted disasters (L'Aquila, Messina ... and every time it rains there are 4 or 5 victims).

So where are the same mentors and admirers of the bourgeois order when immigrants are killed by fascist squads, when comrades are killed, when homosexuals are attacked, when social and popular centres and the centres of the National Association of Partisans are attacked and devastated? Where are they when a master of a factory closes it and leaves hundreds of workers on the rocks?

Double standards: impunity for the fascists and repression, complaints and prison for Communists.

We are talking of what we see. We are talking talk about what happens when, more trusting in our ability to organize and mobilize the masses, we promote, as bodies of the "caravan" of (n) PCI, self-organization, popular anti-fascism and the construction of a government of People's Bloc to face the effects of the crisis:

•the political police shooted against our comrades in Reggio Emilia (guilty of having made a graffiti against a fascist centre);
•in Naples the police charged the unemployed and arrest three of them, one of CARC Party and two of Struggling Workers Union ( SLL );
•in Naples , our comrades are under investigation for anti-fascism;
•the prosecutor of Bologna investigates 3 comrades of the caravan of (n) PCI for the website Cop Hunt!;
•at Massa we can no longer count the people on trial for anti-fascism, four of them only for the popular patrol on July 25;
•the particular fury of the magistracy against comrade Alessandro started in last July, when he was held and denounced before the participation in the demonstration against the G8 at L’Aquila; then came the arrest and the still ongoing trial in Massa for he participated in the anti-fascist and popular patrol on 25 July; now with this new strunt and provocation (in 3 months the partner was held and arrested 3 times). Which is the reason of this fury against the Communists and this obsequious and "democratic" respect for the fascists?

The bourgeoisie and its institutions cannot give any response to the effects of the crisis, the precariousness, unemployment, cuts to public services, school and public health dismantling, environmental devastation and speculation other. Their only response is the general worsening of living and working conditions (more insecurity, blackmail, misery). That is why they try hard to divide and oppose the masses, to promote this war among poor people! Persecution of immigrants and racism, as if the economic crisis was due to immigrants, the same people who are blackmailed and exploited by entrepreneurs and vultures of every kind. Religious persecution, as if the order of things was upset by Muslims, rather than by individualism and cutthroat competition promoted by capitalists. Persecution of homosexuals, as if the moral degradation was due to them rather than to perversion and prostitution that the capitalist society feeds, teaches and uses.

Masters, bankers, exploiters have a common interest in promoting the birth and development of organizations that foment division and contrast of the masses according to their nationality, religion, sexual orientation. Divide et impera: this is the only way the masters can prevent the revolutionary mobilization of the masses, a trend already existing, towards class unity and towards the struggle against masters, exploiters, speculators, politicians. It is a trend aimed to get rid of them, of their power and their society, building another one corresponding to collective well-being, aspirations, and the best feelings of the popular masses.

There is the antifascism of masters, the apparent one, according to which "we must respect all opinions". We reply to it that Fascism is not an opinion, and we oppose to it the popular anti-fascism. The fight against fascism is inseparable from the struggle against racism and for civil rights to gays and lesbians, with the struggle against dismissals and for the defence of jobs, against the devastation of the environment, against the destruction of schools and public health, against the massacres at work, against war, against Vatican obscurantism. We support in every front any initiative that struggles against fascist and racist organizations and that feeds and supports the revolutionary mobilization of the masses.

The bourgeois legality is that of beatings and arrests of struggling, of workers defending their jobs, of the most militant trade unionists, anti-fascists, and anti-racist. We oppose to it the legitimacy of the struggle, the legitimacy of not be willing to pay for the crisis of the masters, not be willing to be trooped in imperialist wars, in gangs wars, in wars of religion and racist, the legitimacy of having a job, a house, a decent life for workers and their families.

Who can oppose fascism, racism and reactionary mobilization and does not do it, is an accomplice of the gang Berlusconi (even if he say the contrary!). Political parties, trade unions of the regime, the major popular organizations which today are behind the Democratic Party, have the means and the action needed to promote the general and mass disobedience to the infamous laws of Berlusconi’s gang. They have the power to mobilize the masses against the protection and impunity that Berlusconi’s gang bandwidth guarantees to Fascists and their squads. If they do not do it, they hide it with apparent opposition the complicity and collaboration with Berlusconi government.

Solidarity comrades arrested in Pistoia ! Let’s rally for their immediate release!

We appeal to write and promote solidarity with the comrades arrested, to send messages of protest against the directions of jails where they are confined and to the magistrates who are investigating them, to take and make take a stand by the political antifascist, progressive and democratic forces, to raise money for legal costs, to support the families of imprisoned comrades.

Solidarity with all anti-fascists, communists, workers, immigrants and all sincere democrats hit by the repression of reactionary government of Berlusconi!

Let’s struggle for the defence and extension of democratic rights!

Let’s struggle to oust the gang of fascists, racists, corrupted people and mafia men gathered around Berlusconi!

Let’s struggle to build a government of People's Bloc!

It will be an emergency government set up and supported by workers and people’s organizations with the task of implementing simple and concrete measures to deal with the crisis:

1. to give to each company productive tasks according to a national level: no company should be closed!

2. to eliminate all those activities and products useless and harmful to men and the environment, giving to companies other tasks: no more poisoners, speculators and sharks!

3. to give each one a socially useful work and guarantee him in exchange the necessary conditions for a dignified life and for participation in the management of the company: no worker must be fired or marginalized!

4. to distribute products to companies, families, individuals and collectives utilizations according to clear, popular and democratically determined plans and criteria: to each adult an useful work and a decent life, to each company what it needs for working!

5. to establish relations of cooperation and exchanges with other countries willing to establish with us,

6. to begin to reorganize other relationships and social activities in accordance with the new production base.

Only a government of this kind may block the path to reactionary mobilization, to racism, fascism, war among the poor.

Let’s build a People's Bloc Government for advancing towards socialism!

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