Thursday, August 2, 2018

Russian and Israeli Co-operation in Golan Heights to protect Israel from Hezbollah and Iran

Democracy and Class Struggle says we saw this coming out of the Helsinki betrayal of Iran by Russia.

Of course this will be presented as multi dimensional chess by Russia but do not underestimate Iran's Intelligence.

Sergei Rudskoi, a senior Russian defense ministry official, said that Russian military police had on Thursday begun patrolling in the Golan Heights and planned to set up eight observation posts in the area.

He said the Russian presence there was in support of United Nations peacekeepers on the Golan Heights who, he said, had suspended their activities in the area in 2012 because their safety was endangered.

“Today, UN peacekeepers accompanied by Russian military police conducted their first patrols in six years in the separation zone,” Rudskoi told a briefing for journalists in Moscow.

“With the aim of preventing possible provocations against UN posts along the ‘Bravo’ line, the deployment is planned of eight observation posts of Russia’s armed forces’ military police,” Rudskoi said.


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