Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The West: The Last Convulsion of Imperialism. Samir Amin

Democracy and Class Struggle says we welcome the contributions of Samir Amin on the contradictions of monopoly capitalism and imperialism.

However his contradictory views on popular struggles contribute to problems of the anti imperialist movement because of his eclectic views of China.

We see China as being anti hegemonic but not anti Capitalist or anti Imperialist - we do not agree with Samir Amin that Chinese financial markets are isolated from world neo liberal system but are integrated into it

Futhermore we see the continued commodification of land in China and welcome Chinese peasant resistance to this process and oppose Chinese Government Land Grabbing in China and throughout the rest of the World.

China was was more popular in Africa during the Maoist period than today because today people see the capitalist nature of modern China even if Samir Amin cannot.

Democracy and Class Struggle says learn from Samir Amin but critically and go beyond him - this is nothing new comrades we learnt from Plekhanov and Kautsky but with Lenin went beyond them and Chairman Mao and Chiarman Gonzalo took us beyond Leninism to Marxism Leninism Maoism.

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