Monday, August 20, 2018

The Life and Thought of Samir Amin

Democracy and Class Struggle says some interesting insights into Egyptian Syrian and Iraqi Communism. This Interview is pre Trump on Iran.

Despite our serious criticism of his views on China we take his life as a whole as positive for the revolutionary movement and view his contribution as an educator which includes educating ourselves as a vital part of his contribution with the critical ability to go beyond him.

The Tanzam Railroad and the Barefooot doctors were from Maoist China not Revisionist China and Samir Amin confuses the social character of China and socialist and capitalist China - China is not what he wishes it to be - but what it is 

However Samir Amin never uttered the nonsense about Mao that David Harvey did in the 30 million stravation deaths and showed much syympathy to Maoism


We are critical of Samir Amin's view on China - Read Minqi Li here;


Democracy and Class Struggle combats views of China which do not recognise its capitalist social character, has we see this recognition has a precondition for return of socialism to China.

We take the view that some of Henry CK Liu writings overestimate socialism in the State sector in China and Samir Amin confuses state ownership of Land has a form of pre-socialism, he should be well aware that nationalisation of land is a capitalist demand.

Lenin's views on Land Nationalisation was clear :

"consequently the concept of nationalisation of the land, in terms of economic reality, is a category of commodity and capitalist society"

For some of Mao's thoughts on Land ownership and in particular the signifcance of  a 1962 Law popularly known as the 60 Articles , guaranteed, in the words of Peter Ho that collective ownership was invested in the lowest level: the production team - ie the village. 

see my note here.

Samir Amin does not understand the commodification of Land in China and the threat it poses to food security in China see here :

See also discussion on Land at 18th CPC Congress here :


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