Monday, August 27, 2018

Former Nazi judge, Dr. Ernst Janning, describes how Germany was corrupted by "love of country."

Burt Lancaster in film 
Judgement at Nuremberg

A key thread in the film's plot involves a "race defilement" trial known as the Feldenstein case. 

In this fictionalized case, based on the real life Katzenberger Trial, an elderly Jewishman had been tried for having a "relationship" (sexual acts) with an Aryan (German) 16-year-old girl, an act that had been legally defined as a crime under the Nuremberg Laws, which had been enacted by the German Reichstag. 

Under these laws, the man was found guilty and was put to death in 1935. 

Using this and other examples, the movie explores individual conscience, collective guilt, and behavior during a time of widespread societal immorality.

The Corruption of the Legal System in Nazi Germany - Lesson for Today



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