Friday, August 31, 2018

Donetsk People's Republic declares state of emergency - borders closed

A statement from the Donetsk said on the killing  “it was conducted by special operations forces of Ukraine under control of US special services.”

Killed DPR leader's Aleksandr Zakharchenko's adviser Aleksandr Kazakov gave an exclusive comment to RT confirming the self-proclaimed Republic's borders are closed and the investigation is ongoing, from Donetsk on Friday.

"Both Ukrainian and Russian borders are closed. We are searching for the executor [of the murder]. The military council is ongoing at the moment, it will be followed by ministry council where he decision on republic management will be taken. All the military and police units are up in arms," he said.

Previous footage from Donetsk showed the city cordoned off and full of military vehicles.
In answer to a question about the Minsk agreements which had been signed by Zakharchenko, he said "it's a complicated question." Kazakov went on saying that the "ball is in Kiev's side' regarding the future of the Minsk agreements.

Forty-two-year-old Aleksandr Zakharchenko died in hospital after Donetsk's central café Separ was hit by an explosion while he was inside at about 17.00 PM GMT on Friday.

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